Loyalty & Membership Market

Loyalty & Membership

Cards that make a lasting impression

Captivate customers and build strong relationships with compelling membership and loyalty cards.

Effective customer loyalty and membership card programs convert first-time visitors into full-time advocates. They strengthen relationships, track valuable data and create powerful brands.


Datacard Group works hard to help you take on new challenges in a rapidly changing
loyalty/membership market.

One-to-One Marketing
Discerning consumers expect highly personalized products and services. This expectation extends to how they interact with brands. Retailers, casinos, theme parks and other loyalty/membership organizations who deliver meaningful one-to-one messages — including offers, promotions and other customer communications — are rewarded with higher revenues and better brand recognition.

Datacard® solutions make it easy and affordable to deliver one-to-one messages and custom-tailored promotions. Our solutions enable you to issue attractive loyalty and membership cards that identify VIPs, grant access to facilities and events, and track consumer behavior. We also provide the systems that create unique promotions, key tags, mailers and other fulfillment items.

Effective Differentiation
One of the biggest challenges for loyalty and membership programs is standing out in a crowded and competitive marketplace. To be successful, your program has to grab customers' attention and keep it — and then keep them energized about your brand.

This is why Datacard® solutions are designed to bring your creative ideas to life. Whether you want to add photos, graphics, variable data or machine-readable technology to cards, we can help you do it quickly and cost-effectively. We also help you produce engaging concepts for promotions and mailers. No matter what combination of folding, card affixing, object attaching or high-speed inkjet printing you come up with, our solutions deliver high-quality results that customers notice and remember.