Corporate - Improve security and efficiency.


Print Employee Badges & ID Cards

Employee badges help create a secure environment, streamline business processes and improve the efficiency of your organization.

Employee badges help you control access and provide enhanced security to your business and employees. Printing plastic cards on-site allows you to issue ID badges to new hires and visitors immediately. But when it comes to choosing the right ID card printer, the options can be overwhelming. With Datacard, you know you're getting reliable card printers, high-quality supplies, easy-to-use software and responsive global services.


Safety and Security
Ideally, your facility is a place that protects employees, networks, critical assets and other resources. Establishing a successful, well-designed secure ID program is essential for maintaining security in every business, from smaller organizations to global enterprises.

Datacard® solutions for corporate security enable you to create a safe, secure environment for employees, contractors, clients and other visitors. Our solutions make it easy to incorporate smart cards and multi-factor authentication technologies. Also, because our portfolio includes so many choices, it is easy to configure a solution that aligns with your schedule, budget and program size.

Total Cost of Operation
Companies like yours are attuned to the initial cost of new systems as well as the total cost of operation. Truly cost-effective secure ID solutions must be easy to manage, easy to operate and highly reliable. They should also adapt to your business as it evolves without expensive, one-of-a-kind customizations.

Datacard® secure ID solutions are designed to minimize total cost of operation. Industry-leading hardware and software offerings are extremely dependable and allow you to add new capabilities at any time. They have simple, clear upgrade paths. Our exclusive intelligent supplies reduce cost and optimize performance. These solutions also reduce reissuance, which keeps costs down and helps support “green” initiatives.

Security Infrastructure
Secure IDs rarely exist in stand-alone programs. They are typically part of a larger security infrastructure with multiple touchpoints throughout your organization.

This is why Datacard solutions are designed for plug-and-play interoperability — so you can add them to existing systems quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Our solutions also allow you to issue multi-application IDs that control both physical and logical security, as well as enable a variety of transactions.